27 Mar 2013

Lionel Messi - 2012 Record Breaker

Lionel Messi 91 Goals Print
Limited to a run of 91 prints, hand signed and numbered.
24 x 18"

Celebrating a World Record Breaking 2012 for the best player in the world. Every goal featured on one print. 

The red ring signifies a goal for Barcelona whilst the blue ring shows goals for Argentina. Each goal is described and numbered, whilst also displaying the name of the opposition.

Pre-order your print via the paypal button below:
(Postage & Packing is included in the price. Prints to be sent out at the start of April

EDIT: The Messi 91 Print is now sold out, big thanks to all who bought one.

For those who are interested you can watch all 91 goals here.. 



  2. great work, man! are you going to print more copies? apparently it "is now sold out".

  3. Wow, seeing a video montage of all those 91 goals definitely provides that adrenaline rush as if I was watching all of those matches once again! Thanks for providing this!

  4. Can I buy the poster?

  5. Hi Auerliano and Jorge,
    Thank you for your comments, unfortunately the poster is now sold out. The prints were limited to a run of 91 and all copies have now been sold.

    Glad you liked the montage Serge, I didnt put it together but it was this video that inspired me to design the poster, it really is a brilliant 10 minutes!

  6. Nice Work,
    I'm waiting for the one I bought.
    I hope it won't take long to travel to France.
    Don't make other's it's cool to have a "91 limited edition".
    Sorry for Latecomers and also for my english.
    I love Messi but tomorrow it's PSG's day.

  7. Thanks for the comment, I can guarantee there will never be a reprint, so the 91 copies people have bought will be all there ever is.

  8. Saw your entire blog great work posted by you reaaly seems to be very interesting

  9. Awesome work. I really like it.

  10. Brought one for my boyfriend back in april now getting it framed so he can hang it up nicely! looks so good, (not that i know much about it) but thankyou Dave!! :)