15 Aug 2013

On the move...

So I've finally got around to sorting out a proper website to display my work and thanks to Squarespace.com, my new site comes with built in blogging functionality, so it signals the end for this little blogger page. 

It has served me well over the years, ive met some brilliant people and managed to get my work seen by over 185,000 people but this is not the end, just a change of scenery.

So, head over to www.http://dave-williams-dlwz.squarespace.com and I'll met you there!

27 Mar 2013

Lionel Messi - 2012 Record Breaker

Lionel Messi 91 Goals Print
Limited to a run of 91 prints, hand signed and numbered.
24 x 18"

Celebrating a World Record Breaking 2012 for the best player in the world. Every goal featured on one print. 

The red ring signifies a goal for Barcelona whilst the blue ring shows goals for Argentina. Each goal is described and numbered, whilst also displaying the name of the opposition.

Pre-order your print via the paypal button below:
(Postage & Packing is included in the price. Prints to be sent out at the start of April

EDIT: The Messi 91 Print is now sold out, big thanks to all who bought one.

For those who are interested you can watch all 91 goals here.. 

27 Nov 2012

Win a one of a kind Amazing Spiderman print!

The guys over at Shortlist Magazine have shortlisted my Amazing Spiderman print as one of the best Alternative Movie Posters of 2012. They are running a competition on their site to find out the nation's favourite. 

You can vote for my poster (or your any poster for that matter) on their site here... 

If doing a good deed for the day isnt enough motivation for you to vote then luckily for you theres even more of an incentive! One voter, picked at randon will win a print of the winning design. And theres more...

Spiderman Colour Variant
Because I am completely sold out of the Spiderman print its impossible for me to give one to Shortlist as a prize, so as a complete one off Ive decided to produce 1 colour variant of the poster which the winning voter will receive. This will be a 1/1 print, signed and numbered by myself. So what are you waiting for, get over to Shortlist.com and cast your vote!


p.s. I don't win anything if Spiderman is crowned poster of the year, I'll just give myself a big pat on the back.

4 Aug 2012

Celebrate London 2012

click to enlarge (recommended)

To celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England Ive designed a 24x18 inch poster that combines the capital's most famous landmarks with every Olympic event. The green ring displays all of the outdoor events, the yellow rings shows the indoor events, the red ring contains various athletic events, the black ring shows some of Londons iconic architecture whilst the white ring shows a few of the Olympic venues. Scroll down to see some close ups.

Ive been very careful to not infringe on any of the LOCOG copyrighted trademarks so the work is simply entitled London, England.

Posters are printed on the usual 170gsm satin paper in UV stable pigment inks, so it is resistant to fading from UV light, meaning it will look great for years to come. Prints will be signed and numbered as an open edition. Use the paypal button below to make your purchase.
(Prices have rises slightly due to the increase in postage in the UK recently)

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of the games!

EDIT: the posters are now sold out, thanks to all who bought one

3 Jul 2012

Marvel Series 5: The Amazing Spiderman Movie Poster

So the final piece in my Marvel Series is finally here, allow me to introduce... 'The Amazing Spiderman'. The poster is the fifth in my Marvel series and follows on from Thor, Captain America, XMen and The Avengers.

The Amazing Spiderman is released in UK cinema's today, and although it may be a little soon for another Spiderman reboot, the trailers Ive seen so far look excellent. The poster has been designed with the previous Marvel series in mind so all 5 should line up perfectly together when framed on the wall.
At 24x18 inches, printed on the usual 170gsm satin paper in UV stable pigment inks, so it is resistant to fading from UV light, meaning it will look great for years to come. There are only 10 copies available of this print (I usual print work in batches of 50, but as this is part of the Marvel set it adds up to 50 once you factor in the previous 4 pieces of work) so they are available below by using the PayPal 'Buy It Now' button.

Thanks for visiting!

Edit: The Amazing Spiderman is now sold out.

The Full Set

8 Jun 2012

Euro 2012 - Magic Memories

To celebrate the start of the 2012 European Championships in Poland & Ukraine Ive put together a collection of 16 illustrations depicting some of the most magical moments from past and present tournaments. The illustrations use the national flags of the 16 finalists to recreate an iconic moment from their history. A few samples are below, but to check out all 16 visit my portfolio site here

Special thanks to the following websites for featuring my 'Magic Memories' work: 

Daily Mirror
Shortlist Magazine
Design Week
EPL Talk

31 May 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2 Poster

One of the best shows on TV at the moment has to be Game of Thrones. Based on the novels 'A Song of Ice and Fire' by George R.R Martin, Game of Thrones has won countless awards in the US. Here in the UK we have just seen Episode 9 of Season 2, which was one of the best hours worth of TV I think Ive ever witnessed. To celebrate the awesomeness of GoT I put together this poster which is heavily influenced by Saul Bass, one of my design heroes. It uses a combination of only 4 colours; black, white, yellow and blue in different strengths.

The arc of the story is based on the feuding families of the kingdom of Westeros, all vying for the right to call themselves King. The poster shows the current holder of the crown (King Joffrey) grasping on to his title as the numerous hands of his rivals try to snatch it away.

The crown depicts the main families sigils (Stag: Baratheon, Dragon: Targaryen, Lion: Lannisters & Direwolf: Starks) who are all at war with each other in the fight to sit on the Iron Throne.

The action is set against the backdrop of King's Landing, the castle that houses the King of Westeros.The poster is sized at 24 x 18 inches and printed on 170gsm satin paper in UV stable pigment inks so it’s resistant to fading from UV lightA limited number of copies will be available, please use the Paypal button below to purchase your order.

18 Apr 2012

Friend or Foe?

Click to enlarge

"Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody returns home eight years, after going missing in Iraq. Carrie Mathison, a driven CIA officer, suspects he might be plotting an attack on America"

If you don't know what Im on about, you've obviously never seen Homeland, the new award winning American TV show, brought to our screens by Showtime (the creators of Dexter)

My latest poster is based on the storylines on-going dilemma. Nicholas Brody is definitely a guy with a split conscience. On the one side we have Sgt.Brody, the new poster boy for Washington, the perfect American wife and kids who is being primed to run office by some of the most powerful people in the country. Yet on the other side we have that very same guy, distraught by the things he saw whilst in Iraq and ready to take revenge for the things that he saw whilst in captivity.

Is he a friend or foe? We just don't know! 

Note: This is the first poster Ive done that is based on a TV show rather than a movie, so I have no plans to get it printed, but if you are interested feel free to leave a comment below and if there is enough interest I may order a small run if prints.